Gospels im modernen Gewand

Gütersloh (cn). Die Aula des städtischen Gymnasiums schien aus allen Nähten zu platzen, als dort Boysie White mit seinem „Joyful Noise Gospel Choir“ gastierte. Ein Gospelkonzert ungewöhnlicher Art erwartete das Publikum: Gospelsongs und Weihnachtslieder in modernem Klanggewand auf der Basis von Pop, Rock und Soul, ein nicht unbedingt besinnliches Programm, dafür aber ein im eigentlichen Sinne Stimmungsvolles – da ging die Post ab.

Boysie White and the Joyful Noise Gospel Choir

The half of the city grammar scbool seemed to burst out of all seams, when Boysie White gave a guest appearance with his „JOYFUL NOISE GOSPEL CHOIR“. An unusual gospel concert was awaiting the audience. Gospel songs and christmas carols were presented with a modern sound based on Pop, rock and soul music. It was not exactly a quiet reflective program however a programme which ensured the audience was going to have a really good time, the hall was grooving.

A four piece band comprising of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums ensured the right kind of a groove. Not only did BOYSIE WHITE from New York City have his twelve male and female singers under control, from the first minute onwards he took the audience and wrapped them around his little finger.

He knew how to captivate the audience not only as a singer but also as a moderator telling small anecdotes, making funny remarks, telling touching stories and of course through his music, with expressive songs which he and the JOYFUL NOISE GOSPEL CHOIR brought over enthusiastically with a sound that carries you away.

Silent Night, holy night an a soul version, well known american christmas carols as rock version and expressive Pop BalIads fired the mainly young audience. BOYSIE WHITE had no fear of showing his emotions openly. He incited the audience to clap and dance, to laugh and to cry. Emotions even hit a point where there were tears on both sides, on stage and in the hall. Spontaneous applause and embraces on stage were expression of the emotional mood. After this extensive outburst of emotions the mood was directed into another direction with a kind of cheeky, grooving rock and roll song which nearly took on an ecstatic character.

On stage BOYSIE WHITE and the JOYFUL NOISE GOSPEL CHOIR brought over their modern gospel interpretations convincingly and with intensive expression, their good mood and positive charisma were what mattered. BOYSIE WHITE proved that he is a talented entertainer, the audience was wax in his hands. This way the gospel concert became a real happening which brought the hall to a boiling point.

Gospel singer Boysie White from New York in the Kulturschiene, Münster

A singing bundle of energy

After the concert of Boysie White in the „Kulturschiene“ 30 people from Münster are able to tell their friends that they are all part of a Gospel Choir too. „Come onto stage, sing with us“, the singer challenges the few people scattered all aver the room.

„Oh Happy Day“ bellows the „small family“ and makes their entrance onto stage. Within the blazing spotlights audience and artists merge to one in song, clap the rhythm and snap their fingers enthusiastically. Everybody calls their name through the microphone.

„Don’t be afraid, have a go, even if you don’t quite hit the note“, he tells his new friends. Nobody in the room is able to really touch his voice. Boysie White from New York City has already filled the the roof of the Carnegie Hall with his voice.

He is a man of small stature but with a tremendous stage presence. Together with 3 members of his choir from Cologne „JoyfuI noise“ he almost burst the sound system. The PA-system gave up on the highest notes. That was just too much for it. Although he could have sung his spirituals just as effectively and powerfully without any technical support. And this way he would have conveyed a more natural sound for ears and hearts. He sang classical spirituals such as „Amazing Grace“ as well as own versions a of new soul song such as „I believe I can fly“. The audience was happy. „Give each other a hug, tell your friends that you love them. Today could be the last day you are able to do so“ Boysie White told the audience. And the audience responded with „Amen“. At the end of the concert he promised the „new choir members“ that he would return to the city of Münster during the christmas period.

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